The Planet-Positive Periods Toolkit

We are so excited to share with you in collaboration with PERIOD. and Aisle the launch of Planet-Positive Periods: A Toolkit for Sustainable Menstruation. This is an excellent research-based curriculum for you to share with your community.

The purpose of the toolkit is for participants to develop a deeper understanding about:

  • The impact of various menstrual products on our planet.
  • The impact of our own menstrual footprint.
  • Examples of how people can have planet-positive periods.

What does the toolkit include?

Supplemental Guides:

Where do I start?

If you haven’t seen the Presentation yet, we recommend you to start there. Once you review the presentation, take the Quiz. Special thank you to Aisle for extending the promo code to those who complete the quiz!

Next Steps

Consider hosting a live workshop for your school, community, or organization using the materials included in this toolkit (See the Facilitator Guide).

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We encourage you to share about this toolkit using the social assets folder. Please tag us.

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The future of menstrual equity is sustainable. Get informed on sustainable menstruation with the Planet-Positive educational toolkit that @periodmovement, @periodaisle and @greenperiodsorg have put together! #PlanetPositivePeriods #SustainableMenstruation

We can’t wait to hear about your experience with this toolkit!