About us

Welcome! Green Periods is a social impact project creating awareness about the economic and ecological implications of menstruation. We are the first ever data-driven initiative on sustainable menstruation. With our menstrual footprint calculator, we are on a mission to create global awareness about reusable menstrual products that are good for your body, wallet and the planet. We aim to bridge the gap between menstruation, education, environment and technology.

Big Problem

Every year, 26% of the global menstruating population generates almost 30 billion pounds of non-biodegradable menstrual waste. In addition, menstruators spent $40 billion USD in 2020 that they could have collectively saved by switching to long-lasting reusables. Why then, are reusable menstrual products not popular? Very simply put, they are not profitable for the giant corporations that sell single-use menstrual products. Nobody has done the work to quantify individual menstrual impact and we are here to do that with our menstrual footprint calculator.

The Green Periods Solution

  1. Break the menstrual stigma and calculate your menstrual footprint
  2. Pledge to make a switch to reusable menstrual products
  3. Tackle climate change by generating less than 1 kilogram of menstrual product waste
  4. Save thousands of dollars over a menstrual lifecycle to end period poverty

With increasing access to information and transformational stories, word is spreading about sustainable menstruation. Take our team members, for instance; We are projected to generate less than 2 lbs of menstrual waste (since switching to reusables) compared to 220 lbs of waste from a lifetime use of single-use products. Not only have our cramps reduced with reusables, but we also haven’t spent a penny or sent a single product to the landfill in 10 years! Still wondering if this applies to you? Although you might not menstruate, you definitely know someone who does, maybe even a loved one. So, make sure to share the Green Periods message with a loved one!